Sandra Hersch 

Sandra has over 20 years of experience as a medical office assistant and practice manager. She has extensive experience working with office processes and procedures and coordinates the operations at Alliance clinic, overseeing prescription management and in-office systems to ensure the smooth running of the clinic.
Wendy Oakes

Wendy has worked in the medical field for 26 yrs. Her career started as a palliative care nurse and phlebotomist. Wendy brings extensive experience to her work and through her knowledge and compassion, assists people suffering from addiction. She is educated in substance misuse and addiction and works as critical member of the care team by providing one-on-one counseling and also by facilitating group meetings on Wednesday evenings at Alliance clinic. As someone who has seen how addiction affects families and individuals, she changed her career path and decided to apply her experience, strength and hope to helping those suffering from addiction.

Jordana Jackson

Jordana has a background in the performing arts and found her calling in 2011 working with individuals with substance dependence. She is a certified Yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for mental health and addictions since 2014 as a member of the treatment team at Charlford House for Women. Jordana has worked on the Downtown Eastside as well as with at-risk youth in Inner City schools in Surrey. She completed her counselling certification at VCC where she currently works as a teacher's assistant in addition to her role as a clinical counsellor at Alliance Clinic.
Melissa Erickson 

Melissa completed her training as a Medical Office Assistant in April 2012. In conjunction with other staff, Melissa manages the front office and oversees the random urine testing program for Alliance Clinic. Melissa has had wide experience working with a number of Electronic Medical Record systems and her additional duties include prescription management, referral management and patient communications. 
Bryan Haddock

Bryan completed his MOA training in 2005 at VCC and worked in family practice settings for 11 years before joining the Alliance Clinic as a medical office assistant. Bryan completed his pharmacy assistant training at VCC and worked in a pharmacy setting for 3 years during which time he developed a further understanding of medications and how they are managed in clinical settings. Bryan brings extensive organizational skills to the Alliance team and manages the Nurse Practitioner clinics.

Natalie Gilchrist

Natalie completed her MOA and Pharmacy Assistant training in 2004 through VCC. Subsequently she worked with mental health and addictions through a clinic in Surrey from 2005 to 2008 in addition to working as a part-time pharmacy assistant. Natalie also worked in an emergency clinic setting from 2009 onwards specializing in wound care and casting. She joined Alliance Clinic in 2016.

Jen Bhatti

Jen completed her MOA training in 2016 through Sprott-Shaw College and joined Alliance Clinic in 2017. She worked as a medical office assistant in physiotherapy clinics from 2011 to 2015 and has over 10 years experience in customer service management along with additional management positions in the retail and food services industries.